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Cross-Domain Tracking In an Ecosystem of Dozens of Organizations

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I'm interested in finding resources here (informational or human) regarding a request I got from a nonprofit. 


They are a small national nonprofit with state chapters.  They get traffic coming in from their chapters, and they have traffic going out to their chapters. 

So they have a "back and forth" pattern across domains. 

They want to see how their visitors relate and track them through journeys which may include their site and members.  So this sounds like cross-domain tracking. 

But the members also want to know what happens when visitors are sent to the national organization's site. (!) 

They were thinking about putting tags from 100 organizations on their site (EEK, NO) 

I'm curious if folks have a model for this two-direction cross-domain tracking. Seems like one could do a main account with cross-domain tracking, and use the central account tag to also track the state groups. Then give each state view access that just relates to visitors that hit their site and then the main site? 

I generally work with businesses with single sites so keen to hear your wisdom :-) 

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Re: Cross-Domain Tracking In an Ecosystem of Dozens of Organizations

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Hi Colin,

if they require the complete session info when skipping domains (inside a session) xdomain support will have to be used at least for one of the trackers on the site. Multiple trackers may be applied if the organizational structure demands this (governance). The trickiest part would be to track the main site and a specific state site inside one view - imho.

If they want to have info on # of sessions / # users migrating form one domain to the other they can do event tracking and / or sequence segments (based on event or hostname).

If they have a premium GA property they can use a premium rollup property.

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