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Conversion rate at 100%

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The conversion goal I set for my website is to click on any link which leads to a specific website.

Therefore, I set the conversion goal as following:

- Goal setup: Custom

- Goal description: destination

- Goal details:

        - Destination = (Begins with) https://collinsclassics.lnk.to/ (case sensitive)

        - Value = OFF

        - Funnel = OFF


Why is the conversion rate at 100% when I know it is more likely to be around 20%?

My website is www.collinsclassics.co.uk

Thank you



Conversion rate at 100%

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Your set-up seems to count goal completion every time the visitor opens a page that has URL starting from https://collinsclassics.lnk.to/. In other words any page of your site.

In terms of Goals 'destination' means a page within user's session on your site.

Consider using click events tracking instead.