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Conversion funnel doubt. Sales target.

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Hello everyone,
I have a doubt  creating a conversion Funel from a sales page. The Funel consists of 3 steps:
Step 1: The user arrives to the payment page.
Step 2: The user continues to the last payment page . When he/she Click on "pay", he/she receives automatically  a confirmation email.
Intermediate step: The user accesses to his/her email and click on a confirmation link.
Step 3: The user through the confirmation link back to our site (success page).
The following reasoning is correct, ¿right?
When the user completes step 2 and closes the page, I understand that session is lost.
When the user accesses the step 3 a new session is generated.
And the questions are:
It is possible to continue the session? (from the step 2 to the step 3)
I want to know the Analytics tracking users, from step 2 to the step 3 without the session is lost.
Thank you.

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Re: Conversion funnel doubt. Sales target.

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Hi Amos G.

Regarding your statement:

"When the user completes step 2 and closes the page, I understand that session is lost."
The answer is not necessarily. It depends on how long has transpired between the clicks as a referral or direct visit would not overwrite an active session.

This becomes very complicated in order to give you proper attribution to the correct source. You could use ecommerce to generate a transaction id and a "lead" poroduct when the user comes back to complete the last step you could generate a hit using the measurement protocol or just build out the update with the proper client id dynamically in the code. You would have to capture the client id on step 2 and then use this in the subsequent hit.

You could also pass some URL params in the email that could let you maintain the proper client id if the user linked on a different machine or browser.

As I said, it's complicated and the best way to handle really depends on your business but it can be done.

More on the measurement protocol here:

and on capturing client id
Either way you'll need some developer resources.


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