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Conversion Rate by Page

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Is there a way to pull conversion rate by page by user? I know conversion rate is reported on in the "landing page" report, but I'm looking for conversion rate of a page, regardless of it was the initial landing page or not. I'd also want to know it by users and not sessions. 


Is this reporting native in GA or will I need to build custom reports? 


Thank you

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Conversion Rate by Page

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Hi Sean,

Conversion rate is a session scope metrics. For this reason, you cannot find the number that you are looking for by default.
Let me please simply define it for you:
Definition of conversion: if user performs the goal(action) that you set up(no matter once or multiple times) during his/her session, this means that user is converted and this is 1 conversion in GA.
Conversion rate: total number of goal completions/total sessions.

Still if you are interested to know what you want and if you have events for the goal, you can calculate it like this: total number of events of your goal(or unique events) that happened on the particular page / total number of page views(or unique pageviews) of that particular page.

I hope this helps.

Conversion Rate by Page

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This helps, thank you!