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Conflicting (site?) Conversion Rate Between Funnel Visualization and Ecommerce Overview

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Hi GA community members,

 I've got a question about contradictory data. I'm trying to figure out why a site's conversion rate dropped progressively over time. One time period that I'm looking at is before/after a site redesign, that included a new mobile site, a new checkout and a new product inventory.

The problem is that the numbers look like this, for 4 weeks before to 4 weeks after.


 Funnel visualization report: Rise in conversion rate from 0.97% to 1.27%

Ecommerce overview report: Drop in conversion rate from 1.94% to 1.28%. (Corresponds with a doubling in average order value, fyi.)


(There's a period where the data is missing; I'm assuming the GA tags were forgotten in the update, rather than that conversion rate dropped to 0. So I'm just looking at the 4 weeks before/after the point where the data dissappears. Not sure if that makes a difference.)


- How exactly does each report calculate the site's conversion rate? I.e. What's the numerator and denominator? I assumed it would be the same thing: Conversions / Sessions but perhaps I'm misstaken? I realize funnel visualization is about people entering the funnel, but the funnel conversion rate is 13% before and 15% after. 

- What possible explanations are there for something like this? Can someone have converted if they didn't enter the funnel (this is an ecom site)? Is there a way to view how goals were set up in the past, to see if there was a required step or something? Any other possible explanations?