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Confirmation shown as a landing page for Organic & Paid Traffic

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In the landing pages reports, I'm seeing our confirmation page shown - with Google Organic and Google PPC as the traffic source.


This page isn't indexed and we certainly don't use it as a destination URL in our PPC campaigns. It should be impossible to reach the page from search.


I'm able to see the search terms bringing in paid traffic to this page, and having followed them that all appears to be going to the right destination URLs and is tagged and tracked appropriately.


I have read that when a user bookmarks a page the traffic source is retained - so if they were to revisit that page at a later date, the confirmation page would be the landing page and the original traffic source shown. Is this correct?


I am seeing more instances of this since implementing Universal Analytics via Google Tag Manager last year. We use session IDs so have used the Virtual PageView tag to group confirmation page hits together. It's possible there may be a hole in the tracking somewhere but I can't find it and I don't see how this would end up with the problem I have described.

Re: Confirmation shown as a landing page for Organic & Paid Traffi

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In case anyone else has the same problem, I've found this article which has given me some possible causes and solutions: