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5.4K members online now
Learn how to set up goals and Ecommerce tracking, verify accuracy of attribution traffic sources, and discuss funnel visualization, Multi-Channel Funnels, the Goal Flow Report, and Enhanced Ecommerce
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Combine Funnels... or Link Goals together?

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We are an ecommerce site who wants to track the different conversion paths of our customers.  With our site, the end conversion paths are always the same three web pages: cart.php --> checkout.php --> finish.php  When setting links to complete the conversion, we can't add any special UTMs to the finish.php URL.  We already have a destination goal (Goal 1) set up with a funnel to let us know how often people "abandon their cart" or if they leave the checkout process.


We are going to create a series of landing pages, all leading to the cart.php for our customers to complete the checkout process.  We are going to add the analytics.js code to our landing pages, and then create goals & funnels to track the paths that we set for our customers.  Our end goal, of course, is for them to complete the conversion process to reach the finish.php page (Goal 2).


When creating goals & funnels for these landing page paths, we are afraid of duplicating the destination goal and making our conversion data inaccurate.  Because of this, can we combine the funnels for Goal 1 and Goal 2 in the Funnel Visualization view?  Or is it possible to link Goal 1 and Goal 2 together to see the full path from start to finish without duplicating our conversion data?