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Client has Goals scattered across different views. Is this a good practice?

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Hi all,

One of my clients has multiple views for a property, but has goals defined and scattered across different views. All goals have different definitions.

For e.g.,

  • the All Web Site Data view has only 1 goal conversion (A) defined
  • View 2 is to filter for views on their old shopping cart system, and has two goals defined
  • View 3 is to filter for views on their new shopping cart, has another goal defined

I'm doing content analysis for them, and my first thoughts was to search the topics / type of content is generating the most conversions. However to my discovery, I find it rather difficult to do this due to the different goals. For example, if I want to find the total conversions a particular product page has generated, I have to jump across views to find that page url under Behaviour -> Site Content -> Landing pages and see the number of conversions / rate etc.


I'm considering creating another view, but with all goals defined into it. I'll have to consult their IT team to understand their current setup, but I suspect for their general use for their own employees, they shouldn't be using their current setup to monitor the effectiveness of their content right?


Hope to hear some thoughts on this.

Re: Client has Goals scattered across different views. Is this a good practice?

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Hi Kai,
difficult to answer you. Generally have different goal divided by view is not a best practices, but for example you wrote about a view that filter their old shopping cart system, this is something that maybe you want to have on a separate view.

looking to what you described add a view with all the goals together sounds as a good idea.