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Cannot Delete Experiment

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I'm looking to stop an experiment in the UI. I was able to do this a few weeks ago, but I can't figure out where the stop button went. Directions in Help and on forums advise me to "edit my settings," but that option seems to have disappeared. A screenshot is below. Would love to hear your thoughts.





5. Modify Your Experiment

Up until the time you run your experiment, you can make changes to any of the options you chose.

To modify an experiment before you run it, click the experiment name in the list, and then click editfor any step in the wizard.

Once you have started an experiment, you can modify the experiment name, the names of the variation pages, the percentage of users who are served experiment pages, your notes, whether email notifications are sent, and you can disable specific variations. You can also validate the experiment code on your pages.

You can also copy a running experiment by clicking Copy experiment.

To modify a running experiment, click the experiment name in the list:

    • To validate that the experiment code is working properly, click Re-validate.
    • To disable a variation, click Disable Variation, then select the variation you want to disable. You cannot disable the original page.
    • To modify or copy an experiment, click Edit settings above the Explorer tab.
  • To stop an experiment, click Stop Experiment.


This is my screen in the experiment.



Re: Cannot Delete Experiment

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Hi Liz,
Please check recent thread on same issue.

Hope this helps.


Re: Cannot Delete Experiment

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Thanks - Sorry I don't want to delete the experiment. I just want to stop it.

The directions in that post say I should be able to stop the experiment in the UI. Is this possible? Really just looking for the button to stop it.