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Can I use audiences in order to orchestrate actions within my website?

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Let's say I create an event - click on a certain button in page.

And that about 10% of my daily visitors, fulfill this event.

I can turn these people into an audience, right?

and for this audience I can later do re-targeting, right? 


But, is it also possible to define actions in my websites, according to such audience?

For example, during the same session of this audience (those 10% that fulfilled the event), I would like to pop them a message that suggests them to "sign up for newsletter", within 30 seconds after they fulfilled the event. Is it possible to do this with Google tools?


Also, What else in general can I do with such an audience?


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Re: Can I use audiences in order to orchestrate actions within my website?

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Hi Jay,

That's right, in Google Analytics Remarketing you may define any user segment to enter your remarketing list. You then may apply at this remarketing list as target for Google-Network and Google-Search campaigns in Google AdWords.

Theoretically, you could set up your web site for being a Google AdSense publisher, meaning to be part of the Google ad network. However, I don't think you get that working within a 30-seconds time frame ...

You could speak with your website's developer if he could work something out to solve that without Google tools, maybe similar to website survey pop-ups.