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Campaign Conversion Tracking After Leaving UTM URL

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New to the GA scene so bear with me!


My business' website has the majority of their conversions as a submission button that does not redirect to a thank you page. I have an event/goal tracker to make sure the conversion is tracked in GA. So far so good.


This provides issues for conversion tracking via Facebook Campaigns and post-click tracking. Unlike GA, Facebook needs a thank-you page to confirm a conversion - So I figured I could stick with GA somehow instead of building a thank-you page to track campaign conversions.


If I built a UTM string for a Facebook Ad and the user lands and converts on the first try - great! I've got them tracked to that campaign. If they leave that page or the website (and therefor the utm string), and come back at a later date, won't my campaign conversion be "stolen" from that campaign and just be attributed as a normal conversion from any other regular source?


Is there any way to track if they leave my utm string from a Facebook Ad and convert at a later date? 

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Re: Campaign Conversion Tracking After Leaving UTM URL

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There is the assisted conversion and multi channel funnel reports to answer this type of question.

Re: Campaign Conversion Tracking After Leaving UTM URL

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Hi Lowell,

UTM-tracked campaigns are a kind of "strong" referrer that overwrites any possible direct referral (a "weak" referrer) [1]. Or taken the other way round, if your UTM-Facebook user comes back at a later time (without having deleted cookies) via direct access, Facebook is still there. In other cases (any other non-empty referrer), its overwritten by default.

Note, however, that you can still track all marketing touch points with Analytics multi-channel funnels and attribution [2].