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Behavior Flow: Landing Page Vs Starting Page Session Difference

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Hi guys,


I'm looking at the behavior flow report in Google Analytics and in this particular example, I have a Landing Page with 78 sessions. However, the Starting Page shows 80 sessions.


When I view this segment of traffic in isolation, only the 78 sessions are detailed.


Any ideas of why there would be a difference in this instance?


Thanks in advance!



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Re: Behavior Flow: Landing Page Vs Starting Page Session Difference

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Does this help:
the way sessions are calculated is usually the root of these questions, and it's pretty important to understand it for any analysis - until fairly recently they were called 'visits' but luckily it was changed to the geekier sounding but more accurate 'sessions'

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Re: Behavior Flow: Landing Page Vs Starting Page Session Difference

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Hi Scott,

hard to tell ... it might be a sampling issue if your view might be filtered from a larger data set. Do you see the yellow message "This report is based ..." on top right? If so, try to reduce date range to avoid sampling. In addition, don't include any new data up to 24-48 hours ago.