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Average time in group changed for same period

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Hi All,


Last year analyzed the the "average time in group" of each step in my goal flow, by looking in de group-details of each particular step in the goal flow report. Now i'm looking at the same goal flow for the same period and "average time in group" values have changed (i.e. one step changed from 37sec to 4m45sec). 

Between reporting now and then the url of the goal-target page has changed, but I don't see why this would affect the value for average time in group. Or can it?


Some additional information on my goal flow report:

  • The goal is defined as a destination goal, without a mandatory first step
  • The period I'm reporting is September 2015.
  • I'm using a custom segment based on hostnames for my reporting.


Could someone explain or help me with likely causes of the major change in "average tim in group" for the same reporting period on different reporting dates?