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Audience Creation, How to exclude past traffic? No overlaps1-7 day, 8-14 day, 15-30 day membership.

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Hey guys, 


How can i set up audiences in Analytics that exclude traffic based off of timeframe. 


I am trying to create buckets of traffic such as past 7 days, past 14 days(excluding the first 7) and so on. 

Only info i have been able to find is by straight up excluding one audience from the next within adwords by using

custom combinations. 


Does anyone know if it is possible to create these standalone audiences straight from Analytics, or if it is possible to exclude certain traffic from an audience based on when they visited? My goal is make sure i dont have any overlaps in my audience buckets. 


Other than the membership duration and the lookback settings, i do not see where i else in Analytics i could define these cut off dates

for my audiences?


Could any one out there possibly give me an example of how i would set up the following two audiences in Analytics, I could create the rest after:


Audience . Past 7 days traffic: ( All traffic 1-7 Day's)


Audience 2,Past 8-14 day traffic: (All traffic 8-14 day, exclude traffic from day 1 to 7)


Look forward to hearing back