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Attributing purchases

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My question is about tracking purchases. We partner with third party websites to promote purchasing from my company. Right now, we are only tracking purchases that come directly from the third party website and are purchased in that same session.


My question is- is there a way to set up google analytics tracking so that if the person clicked on the third party website, read about my company and only made the purchases a few days later, the purchase is still attributed to that link.


E.g right now "Toys R Us" website promotes my company "Toy Cleaner". Right now I can only track the success and conversion of those coming through "Toys R Us" if they read about "Toy Cleaner' and click through and purchase in that session.


I want to be able to track those people who visit "Toys R Us" website, read about/click through to "Toy Cleaner". Read the info, and exit the browser. Then tomorrow remember about "Toy Cleaner" and go directly to "Toy Cleaner" website and make a purchase. I would like to attribute that purchase to "Toys R Us"


Any help is appreciated!

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Attributing purchases

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Hi Mila :-)

You may want to look into custom campaigns and tagging the urls 
More info in the help docs:


Bronwyn Vourtis, Google Analytics Top Contributor
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Attributing purchases

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Conversions > Multi-Channel Funnel > Assisted Conversions.


Set the primary dimension to source/medium.


Should get you the data you're looking for.


Read more here..





Attributing purchases

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Thanks Kevin,


When I set this up and set the lookback window to 30 days. Is there a way to include day of conversions in the same report. E.g conversions that happened in a 0 day span?