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Assisted Conversion is bigger than Overall Conversion

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I am working at an online webshop and I want to measure how much conversions that come from direct traffic are assisted by paid traffic. Therefore, I have made a conversion segment as follows: 


"Include" "Any transaction" "From" "Medium" "Containing" "cpc" "that occured" "greater than" "0"




"Include" "Last transaction" "From" "Source/Medium" "Containing" "(direct) / (none)"


The strange thing is that when I have a look on the results, the CPC assisted conversions have a greater value than the total value of direct/value in the month January for example. 


How does this come? And how can I solve this so that I can measure how much of the "Direct" conversions are assisted by Paid traffic in the month January?


Re: Assisted Conversion is bigger than Overall Conversion

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Hello @martine_b,

The reason is you are not comparing "apples to apples". The path of a viewed CPC ad in the conversion funnel does NOT always end in a last click direct conversion. CPC can be the last click, it could happen from an organic search or something else. It means most of your traffic has CPC in the customer conversion funnel. Many users who learn of a brand from CPC are likely to finish the conversion funnel with an organic search OR direct, not ONLY direct.

Let me know if that helps!


Re: Assisted Conversion is bigger than Overall Conversion

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Hi Nick,

Thanks for your quick reply!
I understand that the last click conversion is not always direct. But when I create a segment like above, I only should see transactions where the last click was ONLY Direct and assisted by CPC, right? So I still don't understand why I see more transactions with this segment, than the amount of transaction when I take a look at "Acquisition" > "Source/Medium" > "(direct) / (none)".