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Assisted Conversion Confusion causing headache & sadness

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I'm trying to evaluate how both: first-interaction and assisted conversion works for my business and I'm getting confused:



I'm measuring all my goals and have 5312 Conversions & 1772 asissted conversions in MCF Overview since November.

When switching to Assisted Conversion Report. The numbers won't add up:




Can You tell me why?


2) Then, when I'm switching to get # of First Click Conversion I see that the number is equal to my Last Click Conversions.

I've tried different time periodes.

When You look at particular channels however, the metrics differ.




Could You help me interpret this results for all channels and for particular channel, say paid search?


3) And the third question is: Could The first click conv be also counted as assisted conversons or even as last click conv? I could imagine this happening for short interaction paths like 1-2 interactions, but don't know if I understand it correctly.


I would be grateful for any help with these 3 questions

Thank You!