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Assisted Clicks in Revenue

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Does the revenue column in Google Analytics only show the revenue from last-click conversions or does it also show the revenue generated from assisted clicks as well?


For example, someone clicks on my AdWords ad but then searches organically and buys.  Would the revenue in the "revenue column" from that purchase show under AdWords, Organic, or both?

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Re: Assisted Clicks in Revenue

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Google Analytics mostly attributes conversions using last-click attribution, which means that the medium/source of the last click is given to the conversion.

Google Adwords will contribute the conversion to it's doing ("See that user clicked my ad and bought headphones within 30 days"). However Google Analytics will attribute that conversion to the organic channel ("That user that bought those headphones, the last time I saw him he came from a search engine, that's organic").

Another difference between Google Adwords and Google Analytics is that Adwords dates it's conversion on the time of the click on the ad, Google Analytics dates it's conversion on the date it takes place. So if the ad is clicked on Wednesday and the conversion takes place on friday, Adwords will date the conversion on wednesday and Google Analytics will date the conversion on Thursday.

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Re: Assisted Clicks in Revenue

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Hi Joy - it depends on which reports are you looking at.
1) Standard reports - As Santosh stated all revenue will be attributed to the last non direct source (campaign / known source overrides direct)
2) MCF reports (Attribution modelling) - now this is a different story as this is the place where both assisted clicks (and even other interactions) are valued together with the last click channels depending on which model you use in reporting

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Assisted Clicks in Revenue

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I am seeing revenue $ in my analytics user explorer but as I have not generated any sales I am confused where the revenue sums came from. Please can someone explain?