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Analytics missing transactions

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Lately I've been noticing that Analytics is missing some transactions. For example today we got 87 orders, but when checking with analytics it only shows 82 orders so there are 5 transaction id that are not recorded at all. Why is it such a big difference. This would never happen before, i noticed this about 1-2 weeks ago and it has been happening everyday since then. Is there any change that has been done lately that would be the reason for this happening?


I would really appreciate some help if someone has a clue what the reason could be


Many thanks!

Re: Analytics missing transactions

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I assume 87 orders showing in your website CMS. If that is the case Please check below post.


Re: Analytics missing transactions

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Thanks for the reply santosh.

The thing is that we have been online for about 6 months now, but it has never been this much off before. I don't know why only this month there is a big difference between how many orders we actually get and what Analytics is showing.

Here are some examples on months before:
80 actual orders - 79 Analytics transactions
75 actual orders - 75 Analytics transactions
62 actual orders - 62 Analytics transactions
50 actual orders - 50 Analytics transactions
47 actual orders - 46 Analytics transactions

Here are some examples on this month and you can see a big difference, why would this suddenly start happening this month?
91 actual orders - 84 Analytics transactions: 91-84= GA missing 7 transactions
78 actual orders - 74 Analytics transactions: 78-74= GA missing 4 transactions
65 actual orders - 60 Analytics transactions: 65-60= GA missing 5 transactions
61 actual orders - 58 Analytics transactions: 61-58= GA missing 3 transactions
44 actual orders - 43 Analytics transactions: 44-43= GA missing 1 transactions

Could it be due to a change that has been done that makes Google Analytics now secures all web traffic?

The reason why i want this to be fixed is so Analytics don't miss any data so that i can optimize my Adwords campaigns further. But now that it is missing data i dont feel motivated to work with my adwords campaigns because it seems that the data is incorrect and thus i cannot really optimize it if is not collecting all the data.

I would really appreciate help here.

many thanks!