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Analytics goal

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I have an eccomerce website, wherein I am trying to add goals in analytics.


My website domain is like : - for india - for united state - for rest of the world


If I want to track goals for my website checkout process.

what should be url ex: /in/checkout or /checkout ???


Also please suggest me if I can do something good with this domain in terms of different country targeting urls.



Re: Analytics goal

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Hi Shakira,


You can use this kind of regex (regular expression): (us|in|int)/checkout


Screen Shot 2017-01-07 at 13.43.25.png


It will match all those URLs:


Actually, if you're running ecommerce, I think you should implement ecommerce tracking if you haven't done it yet. You'll get way more insights.


Keep one more thing in mind, if you're planning to track purchases with those goals, Google Analytics goal will trigger only once per session per configured goal. So it's not that effective if we think about ecommerce. Here you can read more about that.


Hope this helps.


Analytics goal

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Hi Shakira,

As per your given URL format, it would be good to include /in/ for all pages targeting India, /us/ for United States, etc . So that you can use page filters to create goals, content grouping, goal funnel setup,etc.

Also, (if not done) you can create different views for different countries  (using page filters /in/ , /us/ etc). You can also set up the funnel reports for different countries.
From analysis point of view its good to separate different countries as user behavior might show some different trends across countries .Also if its an ecommerce site, currencies might differ. There are many more reasons to separate it.


If you had '' ,etc as sub-domains, i would had suggested concatenating the page dimension to get the hostname+page path. or (best method)create a separate views instead.