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Adwords conversion tracking with UTM parameters in Thankyou lead page

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Hi Guys,


So we handle all the adwords conversion tag publishing in our websites thru google tag manager.

We direct the user to a landing page to fill a form, the page url has all the UTM parameters to track.

Eg: will be landing page from the ads and once the user fills the form, then a thankyou page will show up :


Now I have created the conversion tag in Adwords as website, lead, count for once, currency value set to 0 and the goal window as 30 days. got the conversion ID and conversion lable. In Google tag manager, created a tag with the conversion id and label and set the trigger to execute the code only when the pageview is and published the tags.


This is all standard procedure right. But even after i did this, in Adwords the tag is always inactive status and is not tracking any conversions, even when in GA, I can see all the conversions from the page URL and goals.

Even used the Google tag assistant and can see that the adwords conversion tag is being triggered with the right conversion ID. but i cannot see any conversion in adwords and the status of the tag is always tag inactive and say no conversions recorded in the past 7 days.


These conversion tags were set up over a month back and still the tags are inactive but in GA can see the conversions.


We even tried clicking in an ad and landing on the form and filling the form and still adwords shows no conversion.


What am i doing wrong here ? Any help is appreciated.




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Re: Adwords conversion tracking with UTM parameters in Thankyou lead page

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Hi Navi,

are you doing manual Adwords UTM tagging on purpose?
There are two potential issues here:
1 - using manual UTM parameters for an Adwords campaign means little to no visibility on Campaign performance and cost data
2 - using a second set of UTM parameters will overwrite your landing page UTMs

As far as your conversion tag not firing, there is very likely something wrong with your GTM trigger.
You may want to check on that and try again.
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Re: Adwords conversion tracking with UTM parameters in Thankyou lead page

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Thanks for the reply Julien,

Yes we are using manual tagging to keep track of the various campaigns we run simultaniously.

The issue was the conversion value to be passed from the conversion tag was set to 0, hence even when the conversion tags are triggered (Verified the tags being fired via ghostry and google tag manager) we keep recieving the conversion as zero cos everytime the tags retrun the conversion value as 0. I changed the value as 1, now we are seeing the conversions.

Have a wonderful day!!