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Adding Currency Code to Receipt Page

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Our company is soon to begin accepting payments online in multiple currencies. Our default currency for our GA account is set to €. 


Presently if I were to segment any GA data by 'currency code' it lists everything as 'Not Set'. I understand this, as to date we haven't specified on our receipt page which currency the transaction was transacted in. All transactions were € transactions.


I believe that by using the following details we will need to begin submitting the actual currency code used (once we begin accepting multi-currency payments):

Update the code on your receipt page to specify the currency code. This must be set above the _trackTrans.
_gaq.push([‘_set’, ‘currencyCode’, ‘JPY’]);

My question is do I understand this correctly? Further, once we update our code on the receipt page, this will not in any way contaminate our legacy transactions with GA will it? My hope is that simply any new transactions that come through with the updated code will have more details (specified currency code, local revenue, etc.) but that the 'Revenue' line of all e-commerce reports will still be apples to apples (understanding that Google will simply use their billing FX rate and multiple any non EUR transaction to produce a relevant 'Revenue' figure).


Thanks in advance for your guidance.