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AdWords Assisted Conversion Revenue Calculations

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Hi there,


I need help in order to create a report for one of my clients.

There is something that makes me confused: I have to add to the report the revenues generated by Adwords.

Under "Adwords" --> "campaigns" I can see there have been 10 transactions for €12,881.25 revenues


But If I go in "multi-channels funnels" --> "assisted conversions" (I set ecommerce transactions, Adwords, 90 days prior to conversion)

the Last Click or Direct Conversion Value is 8 transactions - €10,630.25.


Why this? these two data should be the same, but they are not.

Could you help understand the difference?


Thanks for your help.




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Re: AdWords Assisted Conversion Revenue Calculations

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Something to note when comparing Multi-Channel Funnels reports to other GA reports is that the former is limited by the lookback window - defaulted to 30 days and increased to up to 90 days. So, what happens is that if a user first came to the site via AdWords on Feb 1 and last week returned via Direct and converted, Multi-Channel Funnels will credit Direct while reports outside of Multi-Channel Funnels will credit AdWords.

It's as if Multi-Channel Funnels can record conversions up to 90 days back in time. Whatever happened before matters not. No matter what date range is selected.

Hope that helps.

Re: AdWords Assisted Conversion Revenue Calculations

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I should've also noted that outside of Multi-Channel Funnels report, conversions are attributed to the last non-direct source, so, in scenario above - AdWords, then Direct conversion - AdWords gets the credit.