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Actual sales do not match up with successful goals in GA

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First, thanks for your interest and help. This is a Magento site, so the purchase success page is here /index.php/checkout/onepage/success on the domain. I have created a destination URL goal for that page. There is a discrepancy between what is showing as a conversion for that goal and the actual number of sales. 


Here is the data for the last seven days as an example.


Sales in the last seven days:




*Please note that the orders during the same day were different people, so it's not a matter of having two sales but one conversion because the sales happened in the same session.


Goals conversions in the last seven days:




I'm kinda stuck here. Any ideas of things this could be? Something to check in with?

Re: Actual sales do not match up with successful goals in GA

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Check in all page "/index.php/checkout/onepage/success" and page "checkout/onepage/success" what the number there. Ecommerce is fine or is there a problem too?


Re: Actual sales do not match up with successful goals in GA

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Hi Tom, I should have mentioned that I do have those as other goals. I created one with and one without the trailing slash because I was grasping at straws... They are both 'begins with'


Neither has registered a conversion. The goal that is triggering from time to time is specifically, 'begins with' /index.php/checkout/onepage/success.

Yesterday it was correct with two sales, but other days not so much:

5th - accurate / 2 total
4th - missed 100% / 1 total
3rd - missed 50% / 2 total
29th - accurate / 1 total
28th / missed 100% / 1 total
26th / missed 66% / 3 total
21st / missed 100% / 1 total

Here is a screenshot of goal completions by source / medium I excluded some of the smaller sources, but they don't show any goal conversions and I'm inclined to think that's accurate.