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Acquisition Report Does Not Match With Multi Channel Funnel Data

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Hi all,


I need help from all of you experts regarding Multi channel funnel conversion data vs Acquisition report data. So my question is, why acquisition report data does not match with MCF data. 


I was checking "paid search" data in acquisition report and it is showing me 783 "goal completions".

When I looked into assisted conversion under MCF, the paid search has 768 last click conversion data. Just wanted to clear that I am only comparing goals here, not e-commerce.


I also know that, Acquisition report use last non-direct click data, whereas MCF use last click data, that could be the reason that the numbers doesn't match up, and data collection lag up to 2 days. 


However, I also looked into attribution section under MCF and compared model attribution and change the last interaction setting to last non-direct click, and was hoping to see the same data, but unfortunately still the data is not the same. Anyone can help me to understand to why conversions are not the same in both section.


Please note: I am only interested to know the difference for Paid Search, NOT for direct. I have also tried comparing with different views (Master, Test & Raw Unfiltered) data.






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Acquisition Report Does Not Match With Multi Channel Funnel Data

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 Hey Anil, 


A few things to inspect to understand your discrepancy: 


#1 When in the Multi-Channel Funnel (MCF) section look at the top-right corner for "

% of conversions: [  ] % " . You can hover your mouse over the blue dot and it will tell you what percentage of conversions you're looking at. Make sure it's at 100%. 
#2 Make sure you're not looking at any conversion data from the last 24 hours. It takes the MCF report around 48 hours (2 days back) to make the data available for you - so you can't look at yesterday in the MCF reports. 
#3 Double check things like "Lookback window" , "Assisting Interactions Analysis" or "Conversion Segments" , are all matching the default settings for the Acquisition report. 
Let me know if this clears up the discrepancy! 
 - Josh
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Acquisition Report Does Not Match With Multi Channel Funnel Data

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Sorry to bring this back up, but I found this old thread through a google search, as I am having the same problem.  Regarding your suggested troubleshooting steps above...


#1  I am only analyzing Ecommerce, so mine was much lower than 100%.  If I select all the goals, however, it does end up saying 100%


#2  I'm 4 days back from the current day, with what I am looking at


#3  As far as I can see, they are


What else can I do?  Thanks!