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Abandoned carts in a date-range & Segments

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Apology for the long title. 


My company ran a special over memorial weekend, and I wanted to track the performance of users who abandoned their carts during the special for the following two weeks. 


My initial plan was as follows:

  • Create an ecommerce segment simply by clicking "Checkout Abandonment" under shopping behavior 
  • Modify the segment by adding the AND condition "session date between 5/27 and 5/29"
  • Over the following few weeks, choose that segment with a different date-range, e.g.  5/30 to 6/9, and analyse behavior/transactions

However, I tried testing this segment by comparing to another segment where I manually loaded all the userID responsible for the abandoned carts as a segment condition, and adjusted my reporting dates to today.


Results: the former segment had zero activity, while the latter had sessions/transactions.


My questions are:

  • Was former approach fundamentally wrong?  
  • Is there an easier way to achieve this objective without manually loading up user IDs, or any other custom dimension we've configured? 

Thank you in advance!