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1 Goal for Multiple URLs

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How can I set up a goal to track all form submissions into one goal.

Let's say I have 10 different URLs (with different structures, so regexing the URL itself is not an option) and if the user went to ANY ONE of the 10 different URLs that it's a goal. It's not a funnel, as there is no natural flow through the 10 sites.




1 Goal for Multiple URLs

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Hello Avi, 

too bad that RegEx is no option. Do those URL's have nothing in common? 

Are you using GTM?

The easier way in case you use gtm: 


You can set-up an event on form submissions on all of your pages there and setup a goal for that event in Analytics. 

If form submissions don't work you could also try the button click. 


Worst case: 

One option might be redirecting after submission to a thank you page and just have a regex with just check for the ending of the url. 


best regards