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totally new to analytics

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So i've been recently asked to monitor over the GA , I've gone through academy however they're using bloated jargon and not actually teaching. They explain what a tool does without explaining what it is or how to reallllyyyyy apply it. 

    I've scoured the net and all i seem to find is just about a few thousand plus people offering small slivers of information then selling themselves as a service. The goals are simple - increase visibility i.e PA/DA  - i get the jargon i.e quality content , growth hacking , however lets say i want a report on actual sales , and i want to know my demographics , i've tried the 2nd dimension thing that isnt really explained very well in terms of how to apply it , what it is and etc. 
    So I can't find a tutorial on how to generate reports like "where are my users whom visit my site come from" , what are their "demographics" i.e age brackets/gender/location and "how much $" each spent if they spent anything at all. I can read GA enough to find each field manually but its obviously not very efficient. Any tools that breakdown the definitions like a school syllabus and provide non-hyperbole insightful tutorials from free resources would be vastly appreciated. 

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totally new to analytics

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You can get a number of free 'prebuilt' reports and dashboards 

which you can use 'as is' for reporting, or as a starting point to tweak/edit

and make your own

They are available in the GA Solutions Gallery

(click the browse button to search thru and check them all out)

You've mentioned you have already completed the free courses

by analytics academy.

There is a huge amount of free learning online.
A lot of the sites do also sell paid analytics courses and offer paid analytics services..

that is part of their business.

I would not so quickly write the sites off as having little/no value.

Sometimes you may have to read a half dozen articles on a variety of sites

to really get to the meat of what you are wanting to know..
That is often what free, self learning entails.

Tiny selection of the many, many sites i have found very useful over the years (in no particular order)

Books i have found useful

(pls note these are not free resources. These are not affiliate links,

nor am i affiliated with the authors)
Google Analytics Demystified (Third Edition) 

- I have the 1st edition, I've not compared it to the 3rd edition

Google Analytics Breakthrough: From Zero to Business Impact


Maths and Stats for Web Analytics and Conversion Optimization

(eta..since being asked to monitor the GA account, maybe you could ask your 

place of employment to pay for your enrollment in some paid analytics course(s)

offered by one of the Certified Partner Companies. It will be to your and your

employer's benefit.)



Bronwyn Vourtis, Google Analytics Top Contributor
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Re: totally new to analytics

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Thank you  for your detailed reply , totally appreciated.
           At the moment , they're not going to be interested in paying for education, maybe in time. 
             My frustration is in that theres litterally hundreds of people foisting themselves into the networks to sell a service and give a sliver of knowledge wrapped in a sales pitch from beginning to end like the guy that does the "rich dad,poor dad"  sure theres small nuggets of truth or facts but the whole article or speech is basically a giant sales pitch.
      Whats worse is when they're abstract i.e sure try and cook an egg, its really easy, getting the gear out and setting up , you will cook an awesome egg. so sign up now to find out exactly what temp to use and what pot to use this is normally a $$$$$ course and I'm breaking myself and giving it away for $$. albeit I'm being a little glib, and exaggerative but thats the reality of whats out there.  
once again Thank you and I'll look into it.