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thank you page showing up as landing page

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Hi Everyone 


Hopefully someone can help me with this issue.


The company has a website where the users can submit their details in order to get gas and electricity quotes.


The users might find an ad on one of the news websites, Facebook, etc, and then land on the article page or the form page (Depends how the campaign is setup).


The flow:


1. User lands on an article page and decides he/she to proceeds to the form page.

2. The first form page the user lands on, has a java script code to decides which energy provider's form page should be showing to user, and then will redirect the user to the that form page.

3. the user completes the form and submits the details.

4. Ajax call then made to send the details to the back end, upon successful registration, the form page then redirects the user to the thank you page.


The issue:

In the report for the landing page, I can see a lot of conversions happening against the thank you page, but not the article which suppose to be the first page the user landed on.


I used google tag assistance to test the gtm and ga on flow and all pages showing green.


Hopefully someone can guide me to a solution.






thank you page showing up as landing page

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Hi @Ali T,


If you see your thank you page as a landing page in Landing Pages report, this means that user had a new session(probably user's session is terminated before) when he is redirected to it. 


There are many reasons that can cause this. Some possible cases for your case:

* If you have any UTM parameters when user is redirected to thank you page (due to user acquisition medium change)

* Please check your session timeout. If it is less than the time that user needs to fill the form, session will be terminated and a new one will be started on thank you page.

* Please be sure that your thank you page is not indexed on search engines and not accessible from a link on your website.

* You have session control parameters on your GA pageview commands



I hope this helps you to solve your problem.


thank you page showing up as landing page

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Hi Guney,


Experience the same issue as Alit T. I have checked your list of 4 items:


* How do I check this?

* Session time out 30 minutes, should I prolong this to prevent issues?

* Not indexed and disallowed

* How do I check this?