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session duration 0 while there are 2 page/session

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Hi everyone. How could it be that the session duration is 0, while there are 2 pages/session? 

These stats are for organic visitors of our blog article 

session duration 0 while there are 2 page/session

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I've been having this problem too, and after having figured out the problem on my own, I'm disappointed in this community for not being able to answer your question as the solution should actually be quite simple for anyone whose job it is to be an "expert" in Google Analytics programming. 


For me, the problem was simply that I had inserted the tracking code into the SEO settings of my website twice, once in the header and once in the footer.  After deleting one of these, the problem was resolved.  However, it took until the next day for me to be able to confirm this.  My data from the day I fixed the problem was already boogered up with "2 pages/session" stats, so I had to wait until the next day to start fresh in order to see the results of the fix clearly and unmistakably.  Perhaps you'll see more immediate results.


Incidentally, it was your post and the fact that no one had answered it since April that inspired me (as if I had a choice) to try to think through the problem on my own.  I hope my solution works for you as well.


Good Luck!