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pageviews counted double for one property

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Hi community!


I have been using GA for several years now and on several projects.


Recently I have seen that one Analytics property is tracking most of the pageviews double. This appears to be random and does not happen all the time but in like 80% of all views .

We already checked if the code is implemented twice and even put the UA Code of this property into another website that normally tracks correct. Even in the other website the property was counting double - when we switched the other website back to its own property code the other website was tracking as expected. Moreover we set up some test html pages that contained nothing but a title and the tracking code. Even there the pageviews got counted double.

After several hours of testing I'm stuck with more ideas what could have gone wrong on our side.

Has anyone experienced the same problem recently?


Re: pageviews counted double for one property

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Check for any filters at the view level / virtual pageviews being triggered.

You can try debug on the website with GA debugger:

You can check in chrome, console tab with 'Preserve log' turned ON.

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Re: pageviews counted double for one property

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Thanks for your answer!

No filters are applied for the property. Thx for the tip with the GA debug tool - I will give this a shot later. But as we tested the property code on other websites with the same result I am not really positive this might help.
Atm it is working correct so maybe it was just a temp. prob on google's side.