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import organic search terms from the Search-Console

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 When I import organic search terms from the Search-Console into Google Analytics, some of those search terms are marked as not determined in Analytics. Google states the following reasoning to this: To protect the user data, searches from those users which are seldom or based upon personal data are marked as not determined. However, this is only marked within Google Analytics and not within the Search-Console. Why is this so? Wouldnt make sense, to either have this protection for both, Google Analytics as well as the Search-Console, or neither?

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Re: import organic search terms from the Search-Console

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Hi Robert,
Great question. The answer is no. The reason is however quite simple.
In GA, we have the ability to track users down to the session/visit. If someone typed in for example "cheap medication for social security number 1003446899" you would then be able to, through GA, tie that user back to their social security number. You may have this user in your CRM and you may be an insurance company and you can hike up their premium or risk profile on this info.

It's an extreme example but it illustrates what I mean. In search console, you cannot see any other data about that particular clicked search term.

This is actually frequently seen in AdWords too and other areas of GA. You cannot have remarketing lists that are too small for the same reason.

Hope that sheds some light on the situation.

Re: import organic search terms from the Search-Console

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unfortunately, I did not completely understand your answer.

When I type „cheap medicine for social security number 1003446899“ into the Google Seach Engine, I will become the following results within the Search Console as well as within Google Analytics:

Search Console:

I will only become the searchterm „cheap medicine for social security number 1003446899“ as a result without any further information. Because the searchterm includes the social security number and because I am an insurance company, I can find the user with this number in my CRM. According to your example I am able to use the search term to make a risk profile from this user without using Google Analytics.


Besides the search term „cheap medicine for social security number 1003446899“ I am also able to identify the exact session as well as the visitor with the help of Analytics. However, I do not have any concrete standing data based upon this user (because these are not shown in Analytics) but rather the IP-Addresses. How can I identify the concrete user based upon the IP-Address and how can I find this user within my CRM based upon the standing data?