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event timing AND user session

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Let us say I'm tracking an event.

I want to know what people do after that specific event happens.

For example, if the average time on page is 3.5 seconds and this event happens for 90% of the sessions at 3.3 seconds then I know that users typically leave the page after doing this event.

Is there any way to determine WHEN a specific event happens on a page?

And for all the different times that the event happens what PERCENTAGE of the user sessions do the event at those different times.

I don't want to do any api calls for real-time event information. 

Thanks lots in advance.


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Re: event timing AND user session

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Hi Ir,
unfortunately Google Analytics arrive only to track minutes not seconds, and also using that time it''s going to be the timestamp of when the hit was saved into DB.

The only solution is save into the event after how much the user fired the event.


Re: event timing AND user session

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thanks lots Filtro; can we pls be connected over linkedin; i'm at <edited by a Community Manager as noted below> would love to reach out to you for helping us/startup with short side gigs if you maybe interested at that point in time.


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Re: event timing AND user session

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You have multiple choices here where 2 are easy to implement. A prerequisite is that you do some kind of a calculation for the end result - time needed for a user to do an event - probably js with window.performance.timing (Time when the event happened - Time the page loaded OR DOM ready = Time needed for the user to do the event).

And then supply GA with:
1) Timing event - OR
2) Send a ordinary event but add a custom metric with the hit -

Hope it helps.

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