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count number of subdomains viewed

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I have a website with thousands of subdomains. I want to know how many subdomains were viewed in a day.


  • I've created a calculated field that is essential page_views/page_views.
  • I then created a pivot table with date as the columns and hostname as the rows.
  • If a subdomain was accessed that day, it has a one, otherwise it has a 0.

I was hoping that the total column would add up all of the ones so that I would know 7,000 subdomains were accessed on February 2nd, but only 6,500 were accessed on February 3rd. I don't care how many times a subdomain was viewed, only whether or not it was viewed. What I ended up with was a total field of 1.00 for every date. 


How do I setup a report that tells me how many distinct subdomains were viewed in a day?

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Re: count number of subdomains viewed

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+1 for your initial effort
Unfortunately I don't have a good solution for you. You can get that info but only very cumbersome way:
create Custom report with dimension Hostname and metric Sessions.
Row count shows the number of distinct subdomains with views that day.
Not very agile way to check in longer time period at least not in GA interface... Maybe if you have API in use or if you pull that daily data to excel you might be able to create formula to count those daily subdomains...
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Re: count number of subdomains viewed

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Thanks for the response! Yeah, I noticed that the number of rows was equivalent to subdomains viewed over the time period, but getting a time series graph within GA for the past 30 days with daily numbers of subdomains viewed seems like it may be a lost cause.