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bounce rate average calc wrong?

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 I am looking at my analytics account and I would like to know how the average bounce of ALL pages are calculated, because according to my calc, im coming out with a diff average. here is the data for yesterday.

If you look at the average for the bounce, it says 28.57% but if you actually average it out in excel the true average is 44.73%. Am i looking at this the wrong way??


PagePageviewsUnique PageviewsAvg. Time on PageEntrancesBounce Rate% ExitPage Value



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Re: bounce rate average calc wrong?

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Hi :-)
Bounce rate isn't calculated based on all pageviews, it is calculated as a percentage of the pageviews that were the first in a session (entrances)
So for the first page in your example /
There was a 156 total pageviews where 115 were entrances and 23.48% were bounces = (23.48% of 115 = 27).. meaning out of a total of 156 pageviews, only 27 of them were bounces

Some of the terminolgy has now changed in the reports however still a great article about bounce rate
Bronwyn Vourtis, Google Analytics Top Contributor
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Re: bounce rate average calc wrong?

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You can calculate bounces for each page by multiplying bounce rate and entrances.
For home page "/" there was a 27 visits with bounce (115*23.48%=27)
For "/how-it-works/" page there was 4 visits with bounce (7 * 57.14% = 4)
When you calculate sum of bounces for every page you'll get 38 entrances with bounces.
38 bounces / 133 entrances = 28,57% bounce rate.
So everything is fine.

Re: bounce rate average calc wrong?

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Thank you guys for taking time out of your day for helping other people.. awesome selflessness!!