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avg page session

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Average session duration is good for sites linking to my site. My issue is my 3rd party ads are showing <00:01 seconds. 


Could it be 3rd party ad tag set up error

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It is hard to say given this information. Could you tell us if the 3rd party ads are through Bing, AdWords, Independent Websites, or a Website Network?

Either there is an error somewhere or user coming from those ads are not waiting for your pages to load.

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Greetings Miguel,

The ads are being served from third party tags out of OAS server. They are being served through AppNexus. This is for an auto dealer. So referrals from show all states. Referrals from our ad server zero out.

Does this help?

P.S. thanks for the quick response

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Ugh... Typo... Referrals from Chevy show all avg. session stats (and from others including bots). Our's shows zero stats on avg session.

here they are:
Source, %new session, new user, bounce, pages/sessions, avg.session duration

1. 51 (15.22%) 66.67% 34 (12.45%) 58.82% 1.84 00:01:39 0.00% 0 (0.00%) $0.00 (0.00%)
2. 41 (12.24%) 100.00% 41 (15.02%) 39.02% 2.22 <00:00:01 0.00% 0 (0.00%) $0.00 (0.00%)
3. localhost:4444 38 (11.34%) 100.00% 38 (13.92%) 100.00% 1.00 00:00:00 0.00% 0 (0.00%) $0.00 (0.00%)
4. slow­ 29 (8.66%) 100.00% 29 (10.62%) 100.00% 1.00 00:00:00 0.00% 0 (0.00%) $0.00 (0.00%)
5. 21 (6.27%) 61.90% 13 (4.76%) 19.05% 4.05 00:03:56 0.00% 0 (0.00%) $0.00 (0.00%)
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Re: avg page session

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Yes, from what I gather it sounds similar to a large network of website and they promote themselves as an alternative to DoubleClick. That being the case, the ads you are trying to track will be displayed across a variety of websites and users information is not getting passed to your Google Analytics reports. 


Okay... having worked in the Ford Dealership, I am guessing that the ads probably have the website homepage or inventory as the landing page. As an alternative, you could try using Campaign URLs, which will bring them to the same pages, but provide you with additional information. 


A possibility is that the page load time from when the ad is clicked to when you landing page loads is causing users to close the window before your website renders. You could look ad the sitespeed report and  change the primary dimension to source to confirm this theory. 


Another area to review is the ad configuration. Without knowing AppNexus, I would assume they are tracking their performance based on Cookies. See if you they have any tracking that needs to be added to your page to track conversion. Looks like they have a Wiki that might help you.


The last thing  you can try, even though we always tell our clients not to, is go to a different computer and try finding and clicking the ad. If you can track yourself in the RealTime report, it might help you diagnose the issue. Sometimes it is worth paying for the click.

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thank you very much.