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Workaround for reporting on duplicate URL rows?

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URI page hit metrics were appearing on multiple rows due to a trailing slash issue and an incorrect default page setting at the Property level:


/treatments-and-therapies/default.aspx          31,079 pageviews

/treatments-and-therapies/                               5,864 pageviews


 Now this has been remedied so that the "default.aspx" is removed across the board. 



Question: Looking for ideas to workaround having to export the data and total the page metrics manually for reporting. 

I understand how to do this in excel, but don't want to - or the client would prefer not to. 

Have thought about using "Page Title" as the primary dimension and this works in most instances for reporting except in Landing Page reports. 


Your ideas would be appreciated!



Any ideas would be great!

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Re: Workaround for reporting on duplicate URL rows?

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Hey Liz, how are things?

I don't know a methods to sum this data permanently inside your Analytics, but you can create Advanced Filters fo help you see things summed up more easily. This page may help you:

Other then that, just download your data and doing everything manually.

Hope this helps.

Leandro Martinez | Basta1Click

Re: Workaround for reporting on duplicate URL rows?

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Thanks leandrofm,
Would applying an Advanced Filter apply retroactively? I like the idea of having the filter combine the URL variations, but I don't think it will do what I need for historical reporting.

I was able to "back into" a couple of reports, like Landing Page, that leverage the URL as the primary dimension. Basically I created a custom report with the Page Title dimension and filtered for Previous Page Paths that were equal to (entrance). This created almost exactly the same data output as the Site Content > Landing Pages report which I subtotaled in Excel. The benefit was that it handled the rate and average metrics for you, such as Bounce Rate or Average Time on Page, which are cumbersome to handle in Excel. There was only a 1% difference in the numbers between the Google Analytics standard report and my hacked-together version.

However this still means creating a custom report for any instance a report leverages the page URL.

Re: Workaround for reporting on duplicate URL rows?

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Depending on your site, and whether the default.aspx is the ONLY page in that folder (can you use the Content Drilldown?), you could try the pagepathlevel1 / 2/ 3/ 4, but that will aggregate all pages in the folder.
Mike Sullivan, Google Analytics Top Contributor
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