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Why cant i see a nonInteraction event alongside a custom dimension based on UserID

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I am trying to solve the following problem.


Step 1) User visits my site home page
Step 2) User clicks and goes to register page
Step 3) User enters name
Step 3) User selects industry
Step 4) User submits form and a custom dimension of Industry is set to User Scope
Step 5) User lands on a page with a custom unique ID in the URL generated from the DB and the Analytics PageView hit is sent with the userId field set to the unique ID.
Step 6) Using Session Unification, the entire session is tied to the userId including the User Scoped Industry Custom Dimension.


I later send via the measurment protocol a Non-Interaction event with a custom dimension of Valid Lead and I use the UserID setting (&uid=) to set it to the same user.


I would like to see all the values of Industry in separate rows as custom dimensions and see which ones triggered the later event of Valid Lead. This should be possible as the Industry Custom Dimension is scoped to the user, so the event sent later should tie into it. However, Analtyics tells me, "There is no data for this view."


Why cant i do this? Is the fact that the event is Non-Interaction getting in the way of the User Scoped Custom Dimension of Industry form connecting with it?