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Why Are These URLs Being Reported as Organic Landing Pages?

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I'm finding organic landing pages in Analytics that are for pages that can only be found when you are logged in. For example:

when I use site operator search for /shipping/tracking/popup/hash/ nothing shows in SERPs. Why would these be showing as organic landing pages? Is it possible it's direct search that incorrectly showed hereshipping-tracking examples.JPG

Why Are These URLs Being Reported as Organic Landing Pages?

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This suspiciously look like your customers are getting an email confirmation following a purchase and there's a link to track the order. When they click on it, it's a direct link and the landing page will be what you see. 


In essence, quoted from this article from E-Nor, "If the source of a previous session was an organic, referral, or campaign clickthrough, that previous source will be recorded again instead of direct as the source for a returning session."


Hope that helps! Smiley Happy