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What to do when you find PII?

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Hi guys,


What are the appropriate steps to take when PII has been found in a Google Analytics Account?


This is the process I follow.


1. Take steps to stop future PII collection in the current account.


2. Set up a new Google Analytics Account, Property and View solely as a safeguarding measure in case the Account collecting PII is ever deleted or has significant data removed.


3. Continue to use the existing Account.


Is there anything anyone else does differently?


The reason I set up a new Account is because of the following: 


"Your Analytics account could be terminated and your data destroyed if you use any of this information."


What I find interesting in the sentence above is that it suggests to me that data is only potentially destroyed if you're caught USING PII and not necessarily collecting it.


Any feedback is appreciated!



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What to do when you find PII?

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Hey Scott, 


This is a complicated question with no easy answer. That being said without condoning the collection of Personal Identifying Information (whether accidental or through ignorance) what you're currently doing is the smart thing to do. Stop collecting any PII - immediately. Since you cannot filter or remove past data the smartest thing to do is exactly what you suggested. 



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What to do when you find PII?

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Thanks! This is helpful.