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What is the real definition of First User Interaction in Segments

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I want to be able to see the return attribution influence of my Google Adwords campaign. In other words, of the people that initially came to my site as a New Visitor (because of my Adwords ads), which of those returned at a later date?


Would using First User Interaction be the correct way to go about it? From my understanding, can I do the following:

  • Access the new vs returning report
  • Create a segment and using first user interaction and sequences those who had a first interaction on my site as a Google / CPC source

Then therefore, would all returning sessions be from those who interacted with my CPC campaign first before returning through any means whatsoever. A returning session under the definition of this segment could be from:

  • The CPC campaign again (clicked twice)
  • Any other source of traffic, since it's filtered by user - and all I care about is the first interaction.

Thank you for your help!

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Re: What is the real definition of First User Interaction in Segments

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Hi Bryan,

Yes, that is a good approach.

One clarification: GA uses a last-non-direct attribution model, so if the user returns directly to your site (after a CPC visit), GA will record it as a CPC visit (the last non-direct source). This may make you think they clicked twice on your ad, but they didn't.

The Multi-channel Funnel reports do not use the same attribution model, so they would show CPC-direct as the path.
Mike Sullivan, Google Analytics Top Contributor
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