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What is the difference between New User and New Visitor ?

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I´m trying to find out how quickly people convert when they first visit our site. I get different results whether I use New User or New Visitor

In Analytics if I go to Conversions >Ecommerce > Time to purchase I get the following results:


Difference between New User and New Visitor 1.jpg


When I look at the Conversions > Multi Channel Funnels > Time Lag and that I apply the New Visitor segment I get the following


Difference between New User and New Visitor.jpg


(Note that the number of transactions for New User and for New Visitor for day 1 are equal)

Does it mean that a New User is a session based value (i.e. after the 1st session a User is not New User anymore) and a New Visitor a user based value (i.e. a New Visitor is new for as long as he visits the site with his cookie)??


Thanks a lot for the help.


To confuse you even more, In this article ( ) it says they are the same thing but that one is a dimension and the other one is a metric.

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Re: What is the difference between New User and New Visitor ?

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Hi Laurent,

For the best data use the MCF (Multi Channel Funnels) report. The ecommerce report is misleading, it actually only shows data from the last CAMPAIGN; so if I came to your site last week from paid search, came back on the same client from organic, it would show 0 whereas the MCF report would show 7.


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