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What is best practice for using own site gift vouchers? negative values in GA

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I got a problem that I hope someone can help me with.


The website I am working with now has the option to order gift vouchers that can be used as web store currency.

When you buy the gift voucher we don´t pay any VAT as it depends on the product the person using the gift voucher uses.

When a person uses the gift voucher the VAT is applied and is normally 6% or 25% the same order can have both on different products.


Now when you order from our site with a gift voucher we have the product "used gift voucher" set to the same but negative of the product value.

When the data get into e-commerce in GA the value of the gift voucher is the same with the VAT but the VAT of the product is removed. This gives us a negative value for the order at the amount of the VAT


GA -> conversion -> E-commerce -> Transaction



inside the transaction ID


Now it´s not a problem for our accounting as they don’t use GA but it would be nice to be able to get good data for our adwords campaigns. 


What is best practice for using gift vouchers?

Should we calculate an average VAT rate and use it on the purchase of gift vouchers?


Is it better to give the full value of the purchase value twice for the campaigns once for the first purchase of the gift voucher and again when they or someone else use it?


Or is it better to negate the value of the gift voucher so it shows up as 0 instead of "–VAT" value for the purchase when they use it and not do anything with the VAT? This is the option we are thinking about now but then campaigns that sell loads of gift vouchers will get a bit higher value as we will not remove the VAT that will be removed once a person uses the gift voucher.


Or does anyone have a good solution for this? 


It’s a bit hard to explain and it turned into a wall of text sorry, but it has nothing to do with accounting, our accounting department got this on their part down tight with the auditors as they use other systems, it’s only for us working with GA and for the calculation of adwords campaigns value and adspend.