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What is PII?

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I’m having difficulty interpreting the rules regarding sending PII to Analytics.  I know it’s against the TOS but my problem is in determining what exactly is PII.

A website I work on has a public directory of local businesses. Some of the business names include the name of the proprietor, e.g. Garry’s Window Cleaners or Sue Smith - Florist.  (Those examples are made up. Any resemblance to actual people or business is entirely coincidental.) So this information doesn’t relate to the visitor but rather to the business they looked up.  Totally hypothetically, what if there was an article about a celebrity e.g. Justin Bieber titled “Justin Bieber”? Would that be PII? Thank you.

What is PII?

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I guess there is a google doc for this to capture author name through custom dimension.
check the example in :
The information about visitor like email,phone no is considered as PII. (avoid this sending to analytics)
Check here for PII:

Hope the helps


What is PII?

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Thanks for the suggestion but the data would be in places like page title or event label.  I'm really still stuck on if a name in this context would be regarded as PII or not.  i.e. it is from the public directory entry and not the visitor.  I have no way to correlate the two so even if someone looked themselves up I wouldn't know.