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What happens when you opt out of email reports?

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So, someone accidentally clicked the URL to opt out of scheduled email reports from Google Analytics.


What exactly happens when they do so? How may I get the reports running for this person again?



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What happens when you opt out of email reports?

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If they opt out then they won't receive them anymore... 


You can easily add that person back to the automated report emails you have configured.


Two ways: 


First Option: Open up GA and navigate to the admin panel of your GA account. Once you are there look over to the right to locate your "View" column. Select the necessary property view that is associated with the scheduled email report you have configured. 


After that, scroll down that same "View" column until you find the "Scheduled Emails" link. Click through and your schedule report should be within that column list. Simply navigate to the report, click on "Recipients" and update the list to ensure that users is added back to the list.


Conduct a test by resending the report. If that doesn't work then that users can update their spam settings within their email client. 


Second option:


Locate the individual report that was being sent by finding the report within GA. If it was a custom report then go to the custom report tab. But, if it was a simple report then just got to that report within GA. Use the site search function to type in the name of that report. Once you arrive at that report, you'll see the "Share" link in the top left of the report window. Click this and make sure to add that users email to the report.


You can do this for custom dashboards as well. Locate the dashboard then head over to the "Share" link.


Hope this helps.