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Weird URL

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Hello All,


Searched and could not find an answer here.  But read a bit that it is a function of GA.  Not sure.


I have one domain and one subdomain (the blog).  If you go back and forth from the main domain, www.domain.com and info.domain.com I get this weird URL like info.domain.com/blog?_ga=2.59069038.275040290.1500827500-202725619.1496689248 (that is the main blog landing page).


But when I go into the specific blog page the URL is fine.  I click back to the main www.domain.com page and that weird string is there.


I know this can be bad for SEO right.  Ideally I want that gone and it to be info.domain.com/blog


Also, should the main domain and the subdomain all be in one GA account?  Is this Ok to have that ugly URL?





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Weird URL

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Hi @Brett M


The parameters you are mentioning are nothing to do with SEO and should have no baring on it.

They are appended to links between two domains by GA when Cross Domain tracking is configured between them.


Usually a main domain and one of its own subdomains, would all be on one account and Sub Domain tracking would be configured.. rather than Cross Domain tracking.

Having said that though, I have no familiarity with your sites, or your specific tracking needs/implementation



Bronwyn Vourtis, Google Analytics Top Contributor
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