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Web Traffic and Analytics Issues

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Hello Community, I hope someone here can help me out with some of the issues I am having, here is what I am currently experiencing:


I placed my website ( in maintenance mode on Oct-3 2015 to convert my site to mobile friendly. Before this action I was averaging around 75 site visits per day and my sales were on record breaking pace - I figured catering to the mobile friendly world would help continue my boost in a positive direction. At the time, I had a filter applied that was blocking spam traffic that we all know too well... Apparently, before I took my site out of maintenance mode, I scheduled some Google Ads to go live and they were rejected as my site was being viewed as "down". I contacted a rep from Google about 4 days later, he squared everything away once my site was live and he also suggested I remove the spam traffic filter I set because my traffic numbers were between 0-4 visits per day (again down from around 75 per day).... I clear the filter, and since then, my site is averaging around 6 visits per day, 98% of which is being reported as coming from spam sites. I use Wordpress for my site and my JetPack stats (since Oct-10) are showing that I am averaging 168 views per day. Since updating my site, the amount of SPAM mail I have received has also increased around 1000%, I get flooded every day with garbage. My question(s) to you are:

  • Can someone see something I can't that is reducing / eliminating my traffic? Is Google viewing my site / server as a spam or something along those lines?

Any and all help is greatly appreciated!


Re: Web Traffic and Analytics Issues

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What do you mean by maintenance mode?
if you mean that you took your site effectively offline with one of those 'site in maintenance come back later' banners up?
ten you basically took away all content and user experience and any organic SEO rankings you had may have been killed.
so when you turned your site 'back on' you were back behind the SEO 8 ball.
- you should consider working on your site in a dev zone so that you never have to take it offline for maintenance.
If you are using decent brand hosting and are not a spam site then unlikely you will be seen as spam - i think most likely you damaged you seo by going offline.