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Viewing pages that generate web traffic peaks

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Hi I'm Baltazar Godoy, CM of a mid size online newspaper that informs about politics and entertainment.


Our daily user sessions (visitors) go from 400.000 to 700.000 per day. The 95% of our traffic comes from facebook when we share a link or news and the goes to our website.

Since we have a lot of visitors and the peaks of users go up and down we need to understand which of our posted in facebook links are making them BUT more deeper than the (Real-time>overview>Top Active Pages report).


Cause we need to understand which links or post contributed o build the peaks of different time intervals (This week/month/quarter/YTD). The facebook insights that provide our most shared/most reach content daily isn't enough cause: it only shows a small % of the info, is not always proportional high reach in facebook not equal to high web traffic. Our post inf FB are links, videos and images so the FB report doesn't isolate only links.


Summing up. We need to find a report of at least the most visited links that compose our daily web traffic and reports to understand how peaks and decays. I've reviewed the main insights software of the market (simplymesuared, socialsprout, socialbakers and lots more) but none of them have provide me with this (for me) basic and crucial info.


Thank you in advance
Cheers Smiley Happy


Viewing pages that generate web traffic peaks

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Hi @Baltazar G,

You can use UTMs tagging in your URLs.
Check URL builder.

Share these tagged URLs in Facebook. (you can also shorten the tagged URLs via URL shorteners)

eg: utm_source=facebook

you can replace the values as per your needs.


You can create custom reports or use APIs to get the required data.

Ritwik B