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Users v Sessions in hourly report

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Hi all! 


We are developing a beta-site in which i have implemented Google Analytics into. It is still in developing phase but analytics data is flowing in nicely. 


My question is around hourly reports and how visits are calculated against users.


The weird thing in the hourly report for our site is that sometimes session counts are lower than user counts during several different hours in the report.


I can understand that sessions are only calculated to an hour where the user first entered to the site and therefore as we are testing the session could last several hours. The weird thing for me is that GA still reports more users inside one hour than sessions. 


So for example in our situation there could be as much as 5 users in the site at 3pm. GA will report all five. But then because most of the users have entered the site several hours before there is only 1 visit logged into the report. 


I don't see the logic where visitors would be counted every hour but not sessions. GA can deduplicate users just fine so why not sessions? 


Is this normal or is there something wrong with the implementation?



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April 2016

Re: Users v Sessions in hourly report

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HI Kimmo,

It's normal. A user is counted in every hour but the session is only incremented in the first hour it's active.


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