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Users metric difference between line chart and total value

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I would like to kindly ask you could you tell me what's the difference between Users metric values on Audience overview page.

1.  If I choose date range from 6 March to 6 March, as far as I understand this value "36" shows total number of users who logged in between this range (one day). If so then how these values on line chart work ? I understand that each point shows value for one hour and they show e.g. 5,8,2,0 etc. users, but if I sum all these values it gives me "64". How does it relate to "36" value ? Its not a sum, average neither....


2. How these "Users" values are calculated?

2A. If a user viewed one page from 2 different browsers on one device does it count as one or two ?

2B. If a user is logged in and viewed one page from two different devices, does it count as one or two ?


3. Besides these questions... what i'm trying to achieve is to create a custom report with my custom "LoginName" dimension and combine it with ootb "Users" metric to get a list of unique users who entered my site. However it seems that at first I need to know how does it work... Smiley Happy

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Re: Users metric difference between line chart and total value

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Hi Ardent,

Users always relate to the given time span. You have 60 sessions and 36 users in your given time span. So, there are several instances where users were returning and starting new sessions. So, the sum of the number of users of each always exceeds the number of users in the whole time span.


Re: Users metric difference between line chart and total value

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Hi Ardent,
hi Christoph,

The metric of the chart is users and the time periode "hourly". Therefore, the sum of all values in the chart is 64 because it shows users visiting the website separated per hour of the day. In this chart, users can be counted more than one time, if they visit the website at different hours of the day. The numer below the chart is 36 because is displays the unique useres per day. If you click on "Day" (on the top right of the line diagram), the line should be replaced by one dot with a value of 36.

2A Two, because you have to cookies (one for each browser).
2B Unless I'm very much mistaken: Normaly as two, exept you have set up the User-ID function (but I have no experience with that function).